Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Longest Tour of the Tiniest Kitchen

Hello again, devoted readers. All ten of you.

Don't worry, I'm still alive and cooking. Well, okay, obviously not so much with the cooking lately - I started a new job a few weeks ago and I haven't had much time to enjoy myself in the kitchen as of late. Luckily for all of you, I watched Julie & Julia and, cheesy as it may be, I found the inspiration to find time to get back in the kitchen.

 I want to be adventurous in the kitchen. The cooking I've done lately consists of tacos and, right now, risotto, which to be fair, some people might consider challenging, but I've made it so many times it seems less than exciting. I find cooking it comforting, but stirring pretty constantly for 40 minutes no longer stirs my emotions the way it used to.

So, alas, dear readers, this post will not contain a recipe, but rather an introduction to my kitchen. My tiny, electric, sad little kitchen. I'm hoping that seeing the conditions I cook in will convince those of you in similar situations that you can enjoy the joy and pride that comes out of cooking adventurously (and dare we say, gourmet?) in a crap kitchen. So, without further ado, come with me on a tour of my kitchen.

We found this handy guy next to a dumpster in our apartment complex parking lot. It fits perfectly into the corner, and even though it's sort of an ugly color, I happen to totally and completely love it.
This is a recent addition to the kitchen (the floor mat, not the cat). I tried to get a picture with just the mat, but Fiona was not interested in moving. It's best you see her too, I suppose. She spends most of her time with me in the kitchen, screaming. Just yelling away until she gets a scrap or a little pet. What a weirdo.

Did I mention I'm a sucker for kitschy/retro stuff? Because I totally am. All of these are made of tin and this entire little area makes me very happy.

Okay so the fridge isn't very exciting. Yes, those are Watchmen magnets (thanks again to JK and EO). I think they help make Andrew feel a little bit more at home in the kitchen. However, the real point of this picture is the storage containers, see 'em? The adorable little white ones? I've wanted these FOREVER. I got a set of SEVEN at Target for, are you ready for this? $14.95!! What the what. I ordered label decals for them off of Etsy, I'll be sure to share them with you when they arrive.

errm. So this is facing the wrong way. But this is our umm, sorry excuse for a pantry. Because we have NO pantry, and very little cupboard space. Bah.

Wine rack + spice rack; olive oil bottle, adorable tiny storage canisters, my awesome salt and pepper mills and timer shaped like an egg (not to be confused with an egg timer).

Crap, this is the wrong way too. Well...this is my Toddy Maker. The only way I'll drink coffee at home. The coffee cold brews in the white part for 12 hours and then drains into the cute little canister. It makes a concentrate, so it lasts for quite a while (about 2 weeks). Booya.

And this, ladies and gentleman is the entire size of my kitchen. Behind this is a small eating area, the pantry and the dumpster armoire/cabinet thingy. So, if I can make delicious things here, they can be made anywhere.

So, yes, my kitchen is tiny. Yes, I've been watching far too much HGTV lately and it has me longing for a large kitchen with an island and updated appliances. Sure I want a floor that isn't hideous and a real pantry. But, truthfully, I love my tiny kitchen. It's not big or fancy or all that great in any way at all, but it's mine.

No more excuses! Get to cookin'.


  1. Cold brewed coffee? I am intrigued.


    best invention ever.

  3. While your kitchen is tiny, it is homey and welcoming. I always feel very comfortable there sharing a meal with you. You have definitely made it your own.

  4. Tiny maybe, but when it comes to kitchen wares, it is full pack. Just like the spice rack, it is small but is ready to cater a lot of spices. It is really important to organize the space and timee in our kitchen to be more efficient.