Friday, April 23, 2010

Boys are crazy. I love sammiches.

Very often I find that I have become what some might refer to as a "video game widow". Especially on days when I work doubles (almost always), when I come home, The BF is very, very focused on whatever game he is into at the moment (Modern Warfare2, Gears of War, StarCraft). I can talk and talk, and he really only absorbs two or three words here and there. I really have no issue with this, since I like to come home from work, babble about my day for a few minutes, take a bubble bath and check my emails and the facebook and such. But man oh man, the game is always SO LOUD that I usually end up taking my laptop in the bedroom so I can watch something awesome and not have to listen to people chainsawing each other's faces off or blowing each other up with nukes. ANYWAY. The other night I noticed that The BF was also logged onto facebook, and rather than talk loudly enough for him to hear me from maybe 15 feet away, I decided to start a facebook chat with him. It went something like this:

Me: make me a sammich!

The BF: oh noooes! I have no sammichs

Me:  yeah, you just have to make one. that's how sammiches work. 
        there aren't any, and then you make one
        and then there is a sammich

Me: lets hang out for one hour, and then I will sleep and you will chainsaw creatures in the chest.

The BF: I'll be done in 10 minutes. Are you hungry?


I found this conversation absolutely hilarious. It was just as effective as trying to talk to communicate verbally while he's very focused on something, except he took the time to read what I wrote, formulate a response, type the response, and then still did not remember a thing that happened. Boys are very silly.

Anyway! Sammiches!! I love them. And I want one of these:
k, thanks!


  1. I think I have one of those sammich things in my storage unit that you can have. I received it as a gift and thought: "wtf,I already have a skillet, why would I use this thing??", but apparently you can find use of it.

    Last week, I made a grilled sammich that went like this:

    bread slice
    cream cheese
    thinly sliced apple
    white cheddar slices
    caramelized red onions
    cream cheese
    bread slice

  2. yes, I have a skillet also, I just love owning every kitchen appliance in existence, even the most unnecessary ones. Also, the sandwich gets grilled on both sides at once, which means I get to eat it faster.

    Also, ohmyfreakingod, that sound sounds AMAZING.